Wednesday, October 8, 2008

About Us

We present to you Sigma Beta Xi Inc. a non-profit organization under Section 501(C)(3) and ruled to be publicly supported under Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code serving the cities of Southern California and expanding nationwide. This organization has been created to uplift communities by empowering and training male youth to create positive change.

Sigma Beta Xi Inc. located in the county of San Bernardino has been created for the sole purpose of making a difference using youth as that vehicle. We accomplish these goals with our Sigma Beta Xi Organizations located on high school campuses and in the community. The organizations are founded on five main principals of Brotherhood, Service, Excellence, Endurance and Wisdom. The diverse Sigma Beta Xi organizations primary purpose is to produce leaders of the future by giving young men the tools needed to make a difference in their lives, family, and the communities around them.

On September 21, 2008 Sigma Beta Xi, Inc. will have been applying this organization on the campus of Rialto High School in California for 10 years. With great accomplishment and an estimated 1,000 young men later we are prepared to expand this program to other communities and high schools. We will do this with a precise plan of action.

Development of Charters

To accomplish this task in our expanding organizations we must first establish high school charters in our new developing areas. As we move forward it is important to attract young men in these areas by promoting the benefits of our organization. There is various ways in doing so. Events on high school campuses, developing relationships with clubs on campuses and community through, ASB, key club, avid, sports programs and community centers. Once we have established about 5 to 10 young men in that area we can establish ourselves in that community or on campus at that high school. As we begin establishment we can now move to our next action plan.


Young men are constantly looking for male role models, friends and something to belong to that makes them feel accepted. Sigma Beta Xi was built on the foundation of family. We provide young men with a productive alternative to gangs and negative affiliations. Our brotherhood service bridges the gap between the child and his family. This promotes a bound and support group for the next generation of leaders, accepting the responsibility, and loving the challenge.


Support System

Too many youth do not have the support of their families or positive role models to challenge them towards success. Sigma Beta Xi provides a network of brothers, professionals and college students from which we can draw strength and support from, so that we may stay focused and work through life’s challenges.

Leadership Training

There are not enough leaders in society who are willing and able to create positive change. Sigma Beta Xi provides its members with leadership training. This training gives them the tools to lead themselves and the applied knowledge to lead others. Young men are also given a leadership position and held accountable for the day to day responsibilities of its duties.


Everyone should have someone to learn from and look up to. Sigma Beta Xi provides its members the opportunity to interact with individuals who are successful, disciplined and have strong moral character. Through these examples, young men will grow to be strong husbands, fathers and men of society. Strong people come from strong examples. (See Shadow Program)


Education is the key to a prosperous life, strong communities and families. All young men of Sigma Beta Xi are expected to achieve in their classes and be prepared for some form of post-secondary education. This ideal gives these young men the confidence to achieve their passion.

Community Service

Sigma Beta Xi believes that strong communities are created when its members are actively involved. Sigma Beta Xi teaches the importance of community services and we participate in organized opportunities. Therefore, Sigma Beta Xi makes positive contributions volunteering time, talent and resources.


Sigma Beta Xi thrives in knowing that these young men can achieve anything that they choose to. Our program focuses on this philosophy and teaches our members the skills and abilities to achieve. All members will learn skills such as:

1. Characteristics of a leader
2. How to run a meeting
3. Goal setting
4. How to be an effective chairperson
5. Public speaking
6. How to delegate authority

In the last 10 years of running our organization in the community of Rialto, Ca we have noticed many thing in our young men. One of those things that we have noticed is a lack of a work ethic. As time ages our youth are losing this vital piece that is the key to success or failure. We strive to empower our youth to endure until the end. Although it might seem hard and sometimes impossible, but it is not what you go through it is how you go through it. Successful and Happy people endure until they get what their hearts desire. That is what makes a winner. We teach our organization this tool by challenging them with small and large task that they have to achieve in their leadership roles.

As people grow old they are thought to have more experience which gives them wisdom on how to approach life and obstacles. Sigma Beta Xi takes the appropriate steps to prepare young men to make correct decisions by giving them an understanding that every decision no matter how big or small can make a dramatic impact in their lives. We accomplish this task by getting these young men involved in life experiences.

Some examples of this are:

1. Work experience
2. Meeting and building productive relationships with diverse people
3. Constant contact with alumni and college members
4. Field trips to new territory, businesses, places
5. Leadership roles that have them in charge of specific task.

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