Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Service group reaches out to teen boys

The Press-Enterprise

If entrepreneurs Daniel and Darrell Peeden get their way, and they usually do, everyone in Rialto will have a blue tongue.

The mayor would address the council with a blue tongue. Teachers would lecture with a blue tongue. Grocery checkers, auto mechanics, moms and their kids -- all blue.

These persuasive men are the executive directors of Sigma Beta Xi, a nonprofit service organization that mentors boys ages 13 to 18. And they are hoping that blue quickly turns into green.

The organization, through its Blue Operation, is asking customers at Coffee Nutzz stores in Rialto to "Energize a Dream" by purchasing a Xi energy drink. Owned by childhood friend Christian Carrazales, Coffee Nutzz will donate $1 from each drink purchased to Sigma Beta Xi.

Randomly, the Xi energy drink you order could turn your tongue an eye-popping shade of blue, and you win a $10 gift card to Coffee Nutzz.

"We wanted something cool, that kids would go for," Daniel Peeden said. "We're really trying to make our whole Blue Operation a recognizable brand."

Sigma Beta Xi evolved from a service club at Rialto High School in 1999. After graduating in 2000, the Peedens and some of their friends wanted the club to grow. In 2001, they incorporated and made it a nonprofit entity.

More than 1,000 boys have come through the program, Darrell Peeden said.

Through the business and community contacts they made in the organization, many of the boys have been hired locally.

Although they are not a fraternity, they respect the tenets of brotherhood and service fraternities offer.

What they don't have is the partying and the bad reputation that can follow some fraternities, Daniel Peeden said.

"In our minds, these young men will be the structure of our society, our families and our economy," Daniel Peeden said. "We want to help them achieve their goals. And when they get older, they give back to the group."

The boys meet almost daily at Rialto High and work on fundraising ideas, ways to donate and help the community, and special projects. They also participate in study groups to keep their grades up.

Their next project through Blue Operation is a Drive For Hope, where the group is sponsoring 40 young men from group homes in the area and providing them with a gift and a gathering at Coffee Nutzz.

Darrell Peeden emphasized that anyone can donate by purchasing a gift for a teenage boy and donating it to Sigma Beta Xi.

"We pride ourselves on our connections in the community," Daniel Peeden said. "We want to be that big brother or father figure and help these boys achieve their dreams."

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 6th Events

This Saturday Sigma Beta Xi has several things going on. Make sure you attend and show support for your organization. The Drive For Hope meeting is mandatory for all Sigma Beta Xi members. This event is our annual toy giveaway to young men in our community. Make sure you are there to learn more about the event and your role on December 20th when the event takes place.

1. Drive for Hope Launch and Sponsor Assignments

5pm-6pm Coffee Nutz (foothill)

2. Non-profit board meeting

6 - ? Coffee Nutz (foothill)

3. BJ's Alumni Dinner

9pm - at BJ's Restaurant in San Bernardino

Monday, December 1, 2008

Drive for Hope Meeting

Brothers on December 6th Sigma Beta Xi Brothers and Members will come together to pick their child sponsor for our Drive For Hope Event. This is a time for all of us to fellowship together and give thanks for the blessings we all have had in our lives and our Organization.

Each Brother or Member will be given a child to sponsor for this event. A sponsorship means you will be asked to purchase a gift for a child that is in need. The young men we are serving for our event are ages 13-18 and live in Group Homes or Temporary Foster Homes. Several years ago we organized this event and it was very successful. On December 20th all Sigma Beta Xi's will meet each other in the parking lot of Food 4 less on pepper in Colton. We will then Caravan to Coffee Nutzz on Foothill blvd. The Event will have hot beverages, xi energy drinks and holiday snacks. We will then give the gifts to our sponsors. We would love for each brothers or members family to participate in the event and caravan with us.

See you on December 6th at Coffee Nutzz to recieve your sponsor.

Place: Coffee Nutzz on Foothill

Time: 5:00 pm

Who: Sigma Beta Xi Brothers or Members

Brothers make sure to pass this information on to any brother or member you know. We need everyones support to make this event a success.