Monday, December 1, 2008

Drive for Hope Meeting

Brothers on December 6th Sigma Beta Xi Brothers and Members will come together to pick their child sponsor for our Drive For Hope Event. This is a time for all of us to fellowship together and give thanks for the blessings we all have had in our lives and our Organization.

Each Brother or Member will be given a child to sponsor for this event. A sponsorship means you will be asked to purchase a gift for a child that is in need. The young men we are serving for our event are ages 13-18 and live in Group Homes or Temporary Foster Homes. Several years ago we organized this event and it was very successful. On December 20th all Sigma Beta Xi's will meet each other in the parking lot of Food 4 less on pepper in Colton. We will then Caravan to Coffee Nutzz on Foothill blvd. The Event will have hot beverages, xi energy drinks and holiday snacks. We will then give the gifts to our sponsors. We would love for each brothers or members family to participate in the event and caravan with us.

See you on December 6th at Coffee Nutzz to recieve your sponsor.

Place: Coffee Nutzz on Foothill

Time: 5:00 pm

Who: Sigma Beta Xi Brothers or Members

Brothers make sure to pass this information on to any brother or member you know. We need everyones support to make this event a success.

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