Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Xi Energy Social

2009 is here and the best way to ensure that it is a successful year is for our Organization to stay focused and continue to be active during each month. This Month we will be launching our second fundraising program called Rexicle. This program is a recycle program for our organization members. Each member is asked to collect aluminum cans and plastic bottles each month and a Xi representative will pick up cans the third Sunday of every month. It is very important that you participate in this new program, To Register Click here

Xi Energy Socials are a very important event that will take place every month. This is a fundraising social for Sigma Beta Xi, Inc. (Blue Operation) The goal is to entertain our members and invite family and friends to get to know our organization and for all of us to purchase Xi Energy Drinks. For each energy drink that is bought $1 goes to our organization. So lets get moving and invite as many people to support Blue Operation. Event will begin on January 22, 2009 6pm - 9pm, Coffee Nutzz on Foothill Blvd. Add me to the Xi Directory