Tuesday, October 7, 2008


"This organization helped me by becoming a new person and becoming more responsible and that helps a lot. The reason why I joined Sigma Beta Xi, is because of my brother Richard and it is very helpful. Also, this Organization is helping me on speaking clearly in speeches and organization, but I am still learning how to become a leader. I feel that I have changed from how I was to how I am now. This organization helped me bond with people and my brothers. This decision I made has helped me a lot in my life. This organization helps teenagers become men."

-Bill Chhunry (RHS student)

My name is Reuben Castillo and the reason why I am in this Organization is because, well my mom wanted me to join. So I was confused because I was a freshman and I only been in school for two weeks and I didn't know anything about school activities until my mom said just give it a try. I said "no" and she said " just try and if you like it then join", then I said "OK". So I joined and I was scared because I didn't know anyone. So I wanted to quit because I was a shy guy and I thought to myself, why am I here? So when I was going to quit I told a brother, then he got upset and talked to me and told me not to quit and he said " give it another week", and I gave it a week and in that week I turned into a knight, then a brother, then I started loving the Organization. Xi impacted my life a lot, I got out of my shell and started being more out going. I use to be a shy guy,. but now I am an outgoing guy. It also impacted my life because whenever I am trying to read, sometimes I get nervous that I don't know what I am talking about, but now I can talk in front of a crowd and not get nervous and talk for a very long time. So yeah, Sigma Beta Xi changed my life. I found brothers I can trust, brothers I can go to, to talk, brothers I can lean on when I am not strong and brothers I can go to for advice. So I am glad that Xi came into my life.

-Bro. Castillo (RHS student)

To be honest at first I started Sigma because of my friend. He told me it was a good organization to join and when I came in it was more then just friends in it, it was a family that loves to have fun and it is about getting you ready to be successful your life. The reason I stayed in this Organization was on how it impacted my life in a short amount of time. I realized its not all fun and games and it helped me understand I have to get good grades if I want to be successful and it kept me from getting into trouble.

-Bro. Miguel Jimenez (RHS student)

First I joined this Organization because I just wanted something to do after school. But, then I soon saw why I really joined it. it was because of the brotherhood that we all have to offer to each other. Brotherhood is not something that you can just come in to in the Organization with, it is something that you have with other brothers. Brotherhood is knowing that you can count on one another, whatever the case may be. This Organization has helped me know when to play and when not to. It has also taught me that school comes first. I also believe that Sigma Beta Xi is the only Organization that can help you be able to manage your time.

-Bro. Branden Young (RHS student)

This Organization has helped me to become a better person, on and off of the school campus. i am actually becoming more reliable and responsible in most aspects of my life. Since I became part of this Organization I have improved in my school work and raised my grades, which allowed me to play football this season. Last year I wasn't able to play football because of grades. I joined Sigma this past year and I was helped with work that I didn't understand. The vibe in the Sigma Beta Xi room is always positive. I was never scared or embarrassed to ask for help. Mr. Rhone', in my words is the most influential person that is in my life. I look up to him and thank him for giving me an opportunity of a lifetime.

-Josef Stewart (RHS student)

The reason why I joined this Organization is because I wanted a better life this year by passing all of my classes and wanted to stop messing around and handle my business. I promised my family that I will do what I need to do in order to pass high school. A long time ago, before my Uncle or Grandpa died they wanted me to be a part of an organization that can help me change my ways and to have a better life. I Marquis D Stringfellow will keep that promise to my family. I will work hard to keep my pride, honor and my respect to this Organization as well as my family name.

-Marquis Stringfellow (RHS student)