Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blue Operation Campaign Kicks Off!

Xi Energy Drink designed to raise money for young men in our local communities.

Rialto, Calif., - Coming this October at Coffee Nutzz, is the Xi Energy Drink, a blue energy drink on ice designed to give back to young men through the services and programs of Sigma Beta Xi, Inc. The partnership between Coffee Nutzz and Sigma Beta Xi has created an empowering movement and support for our local youth.

Sigma Beta Xi will be hosting the Launch of the Xi Energy Drink on October 9th 2008 at Coffee Nutzz 1130 N Pepper Ave, Colton, CA one block from Rialto High School. This event is expected to bring out hundreds of community residents and community leaders. Mr. Corey Jackson who is running for Rialto School Board will be in attendance. “This outreach program is something that our community has never seen before,” said Corey Jackson who is also a board member of Sigma Beta Xi, Inc.

There will also be an open mic event taking place. Operation Reach the Young Voter is an innovative idea to use artist forms as a means to attract youth to voting. Don’t forget to bring your talent and participate in the open mic session.

Starting October 9th, The Xi Energy Drink will be away to support the youth in our local communities with one dollar of every purchase going helping produce leaders of the future by giving youth the tools needed to make a difference in their lives, family, and the communities around them.

For more information about the Xi Energy Drink, please contact Daniel Peeden at (909) 562-6939 Email at


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